Gain Confidence and Sharpen your Skills!

In this 3 day Regenerative Injection Techniques Course, Dr. Davison will teach you innovative and unique prolo techniques including Hackett-Hemwall prolotherapy.
– Learn Dr. Davison’s unique Painless Injection Protocol
– Practice Practice Practice! with a needle in your hand
– Receive pearls of wisdom that can only be learned from years of injecting experience
– Observe live case studies as Dr. Davison injects his patients
– Learn effective post-treatment care exercises for you and your patients
– Gain Confidence
– Rejuvenate and get Inspired about this incredible therapy and how it can transform lives as well as your practice!
We invite you to Maui for this intimate and unique Regenerative Injection Techniques to help you achieve your goals as a prolotherapist. Ready to take advantage of the last Level 1 Training of the year?
The full Regenerative Injection Techniques Program doesn’t stop here- Level 1 gives you the basics and focuses on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and effective treatment of an acute and chronic injury of the upper and lower extremities including the shoulder. After returning home to practice for a few months, we then offer you Level 2 and Level 3 that focus on more advanced injection areas.